Like every other thing, the tree also needs proper attention and care as it benefits significant results. Looking for a trustworthy tree care service providers in Placerville, we can suggest a better choice for you. aim for the two most important things that are plant health care and our customer satisfaction. Due to our high-quality inclusive services, we are a licensed and ISA certified arborist. They have a team of efficient workers, those who have a modern knowledge about the care of trees. Placerville Tree Service provides amazing replacements when we remove a tree it’s just we are not only providing their customer’s services but are also helping in making Earth healthier and greener.


Here are the services that they provide to customers:

• Tree trimming
• Pest management
• Tree mulching
• Tree removal services
• Wood Chipping
• Tree and shrub selection
• Tree planting
• Tree root collar clearing
• Tree stump removal and grinding
• Tree land clearing
• Storm damage
• Emergency services for trees
• Limb cutting
• Health management of trees
• Tree Shaping
• Tree pruning
• Tree pest control and general cleaning.


Placerville Tree Service team has professional workers who know each and everything about plant care. They try their best to spot the problem prioritize to trim, prune or improve the health of plants and before instead of removing them. Removing a large tree is a dangerous thing to do, but their workers work with such expertise as they are fully trained and equipped. Placerville Tree Service fully-trained workers know about modern techniques and how to uproot the trees safely. They care for your property and environment and guarantees you provide useful results.


• The workmen’s are skillful, trained and professionals.
• Consult them in urgent cases; Services are available 24/7 for customers.
• Excellent reasonable prices with best tree transplant services.
• Customer care services respond to your problems in hours. They are active for you all the time.
• Beneficial practices and environmentally-friendly.

Placerville Tree Service customer satisfaction is the most important that we work for. They ensure to provide the best services in the town. Guarantee to fulfill your need for plants health care. Also, educate customers about plant care so that they will be able to spot the problems before it grows. You can only call them or book your appointment online. Believe in us and enjoy the best tree services at a very affordable price. Placerville Tree Service provides services to the commercial and residential throughout the Placerville, California. Just make a call and avail our services!

“Let us green the Earth, restore the Earth, and heal the Earth.”